Coaching Resources

  1. Every player will play 2 quarters of the game.
  2. Team size:
    • 4k-Kindergarten - Based on team size. Four 7 minute quarters
    • 1st thru 3rd Based on team size. Four 10 minute quarters.
    • 4th/5th- Based on team size. Two 20 minute quarters
    • 6th thru 8th - Based on team size - Two 30 minute halves.
  3. Soccer ball size:
    • 4K-1st - size 3
    • 2nd-5th- size 4
    • 6th-8th - size 5
  4. Equipment:
    • All players must wear shin guards, covered completely by socks, for all games.
    • Tennis shoes, soccer shoes, no shoes with a front cleat.
    • Make sure all your players bring water to all practices and games.
    • Earrings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, etc., cannot be worn for games or practices.
  5. Practice:
    • May begin any time after Meet the Coach.
    • First come first serve for field time; be courteous and share field space when necessary.
    • Make sure each player brings the proper equipment, including a ball, shin guards and water.
    • Encourage fun play with realistic activities.
    • Times 2 rule applies
  6. Game Information:
    • Lead by example, respect the referees, coaches and players at all times.
    • Make every effort to start and end the games on time.
    • Each player must play 1/2 of the game.
    • Stress fair play and good sportsmanship.
    • No jewelry can be worn during games.
    • If a player is bleeding, they must be removed from the field of play until the bleeding has stopped and the wound is covered.
    • Make up games must be coordinated with the opposing coach and the chair of refs (see Board of Directors page).
    • Colored pinnies are available in the shed in case team jerseys are similar in color.
    • Be respectful of our referees - they are somebody's child, mother, father, sister, brother.
    • Each team should have a team rep. Coaches use your rep. for handouts, collections, and other information dissemination.  Team reps are also responsible for ensuring that your team is in compliance with SAY's "Times Two" policy by having two unrelated adults at all team activities.
  7. Play Duration:  Based on registration counts



Additional Coaching Resource

If you want to understand soccer better and become a better coach, check out Scott Haywood's website or contact him at 920-289-0054 or  Scott Haywood has been teaching the game of soccer for over 25 years and is a great resource for coaches.

Thank you to all the dedicated coaches!!


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